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Artigo organizes art events, art tours and art travels in New York, Amsterdam and other cities around the world. Artigo caters to the experience and knowledge level of each group; from enthusiastic art lovers to sophisticated art professionals.


Artigo offers behind-the-scenes art experiences for donors, members and the staff of museums, galleries and other art organizations. We mainly focus on New York and Amsterdam, but Artigo also takes groups to other international destinations.

Our programs can deepen the knowledge of your staff or interns, it can serve as a ‘thank you’ for your donors or members, it offers a platform for networking and our programs are educational, professional and always customized.

Let us know your objectives and we will come up with an exclusive customized event, tour or trip. Artigo offers a one-of-a-kind experience, where personal contact with artists, art professionals and the discovery of hidden treasures are key. We will lead you to the exhilarating exhibitions of the moment and will introduce you to the most intriguing players of the local art scene, from artists and curators to the directors of non-profits and galleries.

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As all Artigo Tours are completely tailor-made: prices are upon request.