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Whether it is your first visit to an exciting cultural city or if you know the city well but want to explore further, Artigo can create a memorable art experience for you and your group.

For visitors new to the art scene we create art walks that include the ‘must see’ gallery districts, public art and maybe one of the reknowned museums, next to the highlights we will always take you ‘off the beaten path’. We offer inside information about the local art world, we include unexpected locations and we add personalized elements that make each tour truly unique.

Do you or does your group know the city ‘inside out’? Let Artigo take you even further into the art scene. We can tailor an art program and take you to the emerging art neighborhoods. We will introduce you to artists while they work in their studios and we will provide you with new insights. Just tell us what you’ve seen already and Artigo will make you experience something exciting and new.

Are you an art lover living in New York or Amsterdam? Then you probably know the art world of the city very well. Just let us know what you are familiar with and we will take you even further into the art scene. We will introduce you to inspiring artists, set up talks in galleries and lead you to areas of your own city that you had not yet truly discovered.

Something to celebrate? Perhaps you are looking for an alternative for the usual dinner or drinks to celebrate a special occasion. Why not let Artigo create a customized art tour for you? We will make certain you and your guests will be surprised, inspired and entertained.

As all Artigo Tours are completely tailor-made:
prices are upon request.